Fiscal Responsability

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T-Rex: Those new McPro computers are pretty hot, but - am I ready to buy?
Title: T-Rex in Fiscal Responsability
T-Rex: I feel so outmoded, like this crummy little house. The state of the art is almost exactly TWICE as good, Dromiceiomimus!
Dromiceiomimus: Really? Isn't what you have good enough?
T-Rex: WORSE YET, if I wait to upgrade, what I have will be worth NOTHING!
Utah Raptor: Deplorable!
T-Rex: But I still have this nagging feeling like I should worry about more pressing things, like settling putting away more savings before making large and questionably crucial purchases.
T-Rex: So? Do I buy?
Utah Raptor: You have pros and cons both ways - and you will just have to decide for yourself!
T-Rex: MAYBE!!?
(Qwantz ? 2006 Ryan North, strip by Mark Fickett

Dinosaur Comics homage. Also, in (fake) situ.

2006 Aug 15
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