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green sunlit shrub leaves

Edit: updating to Firefox 3.6 obviated the need to specify the path to the display profile (but gfx.color_management.mode still defaults to off (0) instead of full-on (1).

Posting this image, I discovered (again) that the output was not the same between various sources — LightRoom, Safari, and Preview agreed, and Firefox had a slightly different (yellower, less appealing) image. I went to Mozilla's article on ICC profiles for help, which explains the about:config values; concerning gfx.color_management.display_profile it claims that if "no path is specified for the color profile, Firefox queries the operating system and uses its configured color profile", but the query must be failing; when I set it to /Library/ColorSync/Profiles/Displays/Color LCD-42719C0.icc (my active display profile) and relaunched, the color matched.

2010 Feb 09
leaves green