Big Sunday

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hands with hole punch hands with hole punch bending ring

Last weekend I participated in Big Sunday, a day and an eponymous volunteer organization for people to work on a variety of projects. I took advantage of the option to sign up as photographer, but also helped make a window hanging out of rubber rings from the ends of wheel molds. (The above is from working on the same; the last picture shows it assembled.)

family cleaning with buckets roller, green paint and outlet

The walls at reDiscover — and its website too, it seems — are orange and (freshly brighter) green. The couple storage rooms and outdoor space are home to a plethora of handy objects ripe for reuse.

shelves with wood and paper children in window behind curtain

The above is also among those on the Big Sunday site in one of the three galleries for 2010. (And, handily, the EXIF data did make it through the pipes.)

2010 May 08
big sunday rediscover hands rings plastic paint green shelves people