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Big S, little s, what begins with S?

snail with dry stem and leaves

I was hiking around Baldwin Hills in the heat of the day, and was surprised to find a snail in this arid environment — camped out on the stem of a dessicated plant, no less.

snail on dry plant

It was not alone.

snails on dry plant

Apparently, this is just the way things are: aestivation.

three snails on dried plant

Attuned to the phenomenon, I realized the back wall of the visitors center was well populated, too. The park employees said yes, they had noticed, and they'd sent off to an ecologist for identification. (Perhaps it is the common garden snail?)

snails on metal snails in and beside notch with edge snails on concrete channel snails on metal with wire mesh snails in and beside concrete bubble snails around security camera snail on reflecting concrete wall

(Did we mention that mollusks are weird? But cute.)

snail behind stem against sky
2010 Jul 19
baldwin hills culver city snails dry dead concrete metal