Joshua Tree

Mark Fickett Photography and Miscellanea

fortynine palms oasis trailhead parking lot

My father and I went out to Joshua Tree for a day.

teddy-bear cholla spines

We started at Fortynine Palms Oasis, at the north edge of the western portion of the park.

striped twigs cactus detail yellow-green twig James sitting in shade

(There was not much shade along the trail to the oasis.)

Fortynine Palms Oasis past rocks palm tree bases hikers in shade under rock

(There was not much shade on the way back!) red barrel cactus

Joshua treesalong the roadside:

gravel motion-blur swirl joshua tree by road joshua trees around intersection

We hiked the Hidden Valley loop, which was well illustrated with informative plaques.

seed pods below dry bush

Listen (ogg): I ran my hand along the bush's dry stems, bumping loose a few of the seed pods.

rock and plant

Further south, at Keys View.

cairn with mountains

We hiked along the trails from Cottonwood Spring near Mastadon Peak (at the southern edge of the park).

teddy-bear cholla needles

Teddy-bear Cholla: Cylindropuntia bigelovii.

translucent seed pods hairy palm tree trunks rabbit, facing away James seated on rocks holding out crackers James at rock ledge edge James on hill crest silhouetted

We drove back through the park to the north exit, stopping to admire stars along the way.

joshua trees and road in headlights stars over camp site stars and rocks
2010 Aug 25
joshua tree national park