Seattle Public library

Mark Fickett Photography and Miscellanea


At the Seattle Public Library main branch. Above and below, the Living Room (level 3, by the 5th Ave. entrance). The architect was Rem Koolhaas; the building opened in 2004 (more at

shelves and windows stairway into red floor

Following stairs up to level 4 leads to Assembly: conference rooms.

curved red wall and exit sign grille and cart

An escalator leads from the Mixing Chamber (level 5) up into the Book Spiral (6-9). It is a tail of the yellow ramp and stairway motif.

escalator sprinkler heads shelves through doorway slanted floors labels on floor

A staff area rings the central atrium near the top.

atrium, man on phone elevator door highest viewpoint
2013 Dec 24
seattle public library red yellow