Skew Planar

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pair with dark background

I made a pair of 5.8GHz circular-polarized antennae for FVP use, referencing RCExplorer's instructions.

detail, shallow focus

The antennae are very small: about the diameter of a quarter.

antennae on sides interlocking

As many recommend, I used 0.6mm copper-clad MIG welding wire. I opted for stiffer RG-402 coax (luckily I had a dremel to trim it with), and some elbow SMA (for my rx) and RP-SMA (for my tx) connectors.

four-lobe detail

I tested them with my transmitter and receiver. I found that the four-lobe on the receiver was an immediate improvement (and it seemed to reduce image noise to have it on, even when the diversity receiver indicated that the signal from the whip antenna was stronger); it wasn't as clear whether the three-lobe on the transmitter made a strong difference.

antennae on tx and rx
2014 Oct 23
skew planar 5.8ghz antennae fpv copper