Immigrant Rally, Boston

Mark Fickett Photography and Miscellanea

protesters and church

Protesters at Boston's pro-immigrant rally in Copley Square, in response to Trump's Muslim ban.

protesters and library protest signs: listen

Between Trump's signing the order on Friday and protests on Sunday, Trump also added Stephen Bannon to the National Security Council.

protest signs: resist protest signs: Death Eaters

Above and below, protesters draw comparisons with Harry Potter.

protest signs: Dumbledore's Army protest signs: Liberty punching Trump

A timeline of events related to the travel ban. (Uber responded to criticism with support for drivers.)

protesters and statue protesters in tree

Below, the Boston Public Library.

protesters and library facade

The ACLU has received more than $24 million this weekend, which "supersedes its annual online donations by six times."

truck at rally entrance
2017 Jan 31
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