Mark Fickett Photography and Miscellanea

A break from Serious Photography for some fuzzy mammals. And copiously!

First — somewhat by request — the tubby and turgid harbor seal:

harbor seal on side, feet up

Though the above gets high marks for ... something, the pair does pretty well also; the theory on color differentiation within animals is that the darker area is wet (having been against ice).

harbor seal pair on ice

Next species, the somewhat more dignified and unarguably more blubberous sea lion:

sea lion, lying down

Above, sleepy; below, proud and with purpose.

sea lion, noise in air

Sea Otters win out for fuzziness among aquatic mammals, however:

sea otter cluster on ice

Above just generally looking attentive (at the boat); but below with pups.

sea otter with pup looking at photographer

Here two observations: The pup is left (apparently) to its own devices to determine the best time to take a deep breath before diving; and being roughly spherical (marginally less girth than the adult, fuzz included), seems to handle equally well in any orientation.

sea otter carrying pup on ice

The Moose! Alaska is very fond of it.

moose stepping across road

Above, with delicately pointed ballet toes. Below, so entreatingly bashful.

moose looking behind itself
2008 Jun 05
alaska sea lion harbor seal otter pup moose mammals fuzzy