The Beginning

Mark Fickett Photography and Miscellanea

This page is intended, at least initially, as a replacement (or an extension) of away messages which were getting too long and involved, not informative enough, and too short lived to properly display their contents. As such, this page - although Xanga-ish - is for the moment not such; I'll use it to leave links, ideas, or anything else I decide might be interesting - and that I want the World At Large to see; it shall not be a blog. There is as yet no mechanism for leaving comments; I may or may not try to implement one. If you wish to comment, you can e-mail me (and if you wish, I might post the comment). I expect to make two kinds of posts: full-blown textful entries, like this, and snippets (probably just a link and a short description).

2004 May 13
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