Cig Zone Fire

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The evening of Friday the 25th, I went to get groceries at Ralph's. As I was walking past, there was smoke coming out of Cig Zone next door, but people on the street were collected and calling 911, so I considered it under control, so I went on; when I was just ready to check out, the alarm in Ralph's went off and we evacuated to see the fire department arriving.

panorama of parking lot, fire trucks, and crowd

(Linked to a larger version.) It made me think of Simon & Garfunkel: in an atmosphere of freakly holiday...

store front with smoke firemens' backs man on phone at fire line firemen walking through burned store front fireman remvoing gear burned store front below fire line

As far as I know, there were no injuries, and by Sunday (when I came back to try again for groceries) the burned shop had plywood over its windows and a note written thereupon saying 'back in about two weeks'.

grocery store front sidewalk and fire trucks with pillar in foreground
2009 Apr 30
cig zone fire ralphs night firetrucks firemen fireman people crowd