MOO MiniCards

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MOO MiniCards in box with basket backdrop

I got a set of MOO MiniCards for Umbrella (this site). A set of 100 cards, they were $25 with shipping.

MOO MiniCards laid out on portfolio, on bricks

I put thirty-three different photos on the fronts (three of each, except four of one design). Each photo also has a QR Code linking to that photo's page (generated with zing, which uses qrencode). (The backs all have the same text.) MOO MiniCards in hand

From ordering to arrival at my door was nine days (including President's Day); not lightning, but also almost a week ahead of the estimated arrival they gave. I took lots of photos of the unboxing and various details. (If you're on your way to making your first MOO order, enter 2AA7Q5 for 10% off.)

MOO MiniCard box on bricks
2011 Feb 25
moo minicards print