Stapler in Jelly

Wait, what? Why?

In an episode of The UK version of The Office TV series, Tim Canterbury puts Gareth Keenan's stapler in jelly. What could be cooler to replicate? (Also, Tim ate jelley out of a box — maybe British jelley doesn't melt at room temperature.)



stapler suspended in liquid Jello

The stapler, suspended by dental floss in liquid Jello


To remove the stapler-jelly combination from the container, slide out the suspending filaments, briefly set in or run under hot water, and turn onto a plate.

ready for extraction, dental floss still in place
beautifully sunlit in silhouette

Final Product

Although not perfect, the extraction yielded a moment of awkward beauty. The dental floss traces were invisible except at entry/exit points, hidden after the flip.

extracted, above
extracted, from the side

The stapler deforms the Jello slightly.

extracted, above


The stapler-in-jelly was short lived. After a few minutes in the sun, the Jello split next to the stapler. Relatively thin surrounding Jello or stress from the raised edges of the plate might be to blame.

split and dying jelly

Luckily, most of the jelly went into the sink, and not the heating vent.


Although the tuppers and the stapler and the kitchen all smell slightly strongly of artificial strawberry, none were permenantly damaged. The stapler, washed thoroughly in warm water, functions flawlessly.

stapler, post-jelly

Pictured here with accessories and first post-jelly staple. Gareth would be re-assured.