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red pipes in front of blue dumpster, long lens photomerge

Above, at 200m and f5.6, 10 exposures. Below, at 28mm and f8 — one exposure. Different approaches both with the intent of capturing the depth of the scene, and the way the pipes move through space from viewer to blue dumpster; long lens (above) for the depth of field, wide angle (below) with careful viewpoint.

The panorama (or, collage) was stitched — completely automatically! — with Photomerge, in Photoshop CS3. It is automated to the point of just throwing ten images at it all jumbled; it continues to amaze me. (I did set the exposure and focus to manual for the set, but have had success even without that; I didn't use a tripod or anything.) The non-rectangular viewing area is something I kept on purpose, too.

red pipes in front of blue dumpster, wide lens
2008 Sep 17
red pipes blue dumpster photomerge depth of field