Mark Fickett Art: Bicycle-Mounted Time-Lapse


The intent is to trigger a bicycle-mounted camera in response to wheel revolutions, producing a time-lapse video of a ride, with equidistant frame timing (that is, when played back the video will have the appearance of constant camera movement speed, but the Δt between frames will vary). Wheel revolutions will be sensed using a hall effect sensor.

Proof of Concept

wheel and breadboarded circuit with magnet, close wheel and breadboarded circuit, above


The Arduino sketch is on github.

Other Authors

This is a collaboration with Taylor Walker, who had the idea and will get things attached to the bicycle. Matthew Fickett is an interested party and brainstormer, too. And, I have modified Aurélien Antoine's code to emulate a Nikon dSLR remote slightly for use in this project. (I designed the circuit and wrote the program.)


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