Mark Fickett Art: Dollar Bill Origami Armadillo

An origami armadillo. Following instructions from the Beautiful Origami blog; instructions by Jim Cowling, with the original instructions on the Origami Resource Center.

These instructions use the face side for the body and the text side for the head, which conveniently places two little scrolls as the armadillo's eyes.

complete armadillo and flat dollar bill

Fold a center line.

Fold a point for the tail.


Make a water-bomb base at the head end.

head head head head

Squash fold one flap for an ear.

squash fold ear squash fold ear

Fold it back to the side.

squash fold ear

Do the same for the other ear.

squash fold second ear

Petal fold an ear flap to narrow it.

petal fold ear petal fold ear petal fold ear petal fold ear petal fold ear

Fold the ear's flap back to the side.

petal fold ear

Petal fold the second ear.

petal fold second ear

Fold the crown of the head under. The original instructions use a sink fold here, which I missed, but which I think would make for slightly tidier ears.

fold crown under fold crown under fold crown under

Pleat fold the shoulders and the tail.

pleat shoulders and tail pleat shoulders and tail

Narrow the face and shoulder. (The same may be done for the tail.)

narrow the shoulders narrow the shoulders

Narrow the other side.

Pleat the body. To keep the pleats even, I found it easier to make all my mountain folds and then turn them into pleats than to complete each pleat sequentially. The tightness of the pleats determines the curvature of the armadillo's back.

mountain folds for pleats pleats

Fold the edges under to hold the pleats and to form feet.

fold edges

Fold the body in half.

fold in half

Holding the foot edges, expand the body to form the armadillo's arch.

expand the body

Fold and shape the ears.

fold ear shape ear

The armadillo is complete!

complete complete pair

A couple more photos.

2013-05-26 / $1 Bill