Mark Fickett Art: Bicycle Shelves

bicycle shelf

A combination of shelves and indoor storage for two bicycles. Skip to more photos.


I found a number of attractive options for indoor bike hangers with integrated storage. However, none were designed for two bicycles, all were slightly expensive, and building my own sounded fun.


wall and bicycle measurements

I measured the wall and the bikes in some detail so I could plan around the two particular bicycles and the available space.

shelf sketch SketchUp model

To be able to design for the bikes' sizes and shapes, I roughed out the shelves in SketchUp (screenshot above; or download the model).

Once I had a design I liked, I planned for construction, starting with estimating the wood I'd need. (The layout of the pieces below turned out to be wrong for cutting on a table saw, but served to verify that the shelves could be built with one 4x8 sheet.)

shelf dimensions


My uncle Geoff (who was a carpenter in the past and currently teaches shop) guided me through construction. Our supplies and tools included:

lower shelf on table saw

Correctly angling all the cuts and dados turned out to be a challenge, especially since I had not planned those details beforehand. We mocked some of the joints on scraps.

Buying supplies and building the shelves took a solid day's work. Sanding, staining, and finishing took about another three evenings' attention, but was spread out over the next month.

I stained the shelves with Dark Walnut Minwax wood stain and gave them two coats of polyurethane varnish (with the typical sanding steps throughout the process, but no pre-stain wood treatment).

half stained shelves

To plan where to place the shelves and drill pilot holes, I made paper mocks of the shelves, then did a trial fitting of the bottom shelf to better coordinate the halves. (The metal hook pictured was the interim solution; the lower bike simply leaned against the wall.)

lower shelf and mock


shelves in room top shelf, front top shelf, angle bottom shelf, angle bottom shelf, front

2013-08-25 / Oak Plywood, Solid Oak, Minwax Dark Walnut Stain and Polyurethane Varnish / 5'h x 4'w x 1'd

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