Mark Fickett Art: Gong Ringer

When a customer makes a purchase order, a script automatically triggers a tennis ball to be released down a track which ends with the ball ringing a gong.


Alternate views:


track start with servo and cable

The track starts with a servo motor which automatically releases a tennis ball when signalled by the computer.


The track runs along the divider behind four desks, with a bounce / jump at the middle.

track bracket detail

The coat-hanger-wire track is bound to lasercut brackets with wire.

track and rail bracket

The track brackets are supported via wooden slats by brackets that slide onto the bars of the office dividers.


The office furniture (from the Herman Miller Resolve System) has bars along the tops of the separators.

bar end

The bar supports can be lifted out of slots on the posts.

paper mock

The initial paper mock of the brackets to fit on the top rail. This was scanned, then traced in Adobe Illustrator, cut and test-fit.

lasercut parts

After a revision to the rail bracket's fit, a full set of rail and track brackets were cut.

bar brackets

Initial installation of the rail brackets.

Thanks to Kate Peterson for help installing the track and inventing its path.




In: Arduino