Mark Fickett Art: AP Studio Art: Drawing (Spring 2004)

This work was done at Conestoga High School (from which I graduated in 2004); I submitted it as my AP Studio Drawing portfolio. It draws from a number of classes and a number of years, but is weighted towards the end of my senior year.

AP Studio Art

For the AP Studio Art test, you can submit one of three portfolios: Drawing, 2D Design, or 3D (sculpture). For any portfolio, you have to submit works in (and only in) that category — although the distinction between drawing and 2D is slightly blurry.

The Drawing Test

In the AP test, there are three sections: (i) Quality, (ii) Concentration, and (iii) Breadth. Sections (ii) and (iii) are submitted as twelve slides, each, with a short description of the concentration; Section (i) is submitted as five actual pieces, shared by the other two sections (submitted both in hardcopy and slide form).


My concentration explored the relationship between line and mass, in contour line interwoven with and overlaid on realistic portrayal, abstracted to design, and in building form with accumulated strokes.